Terri Taylor ASID, IDS

Finding Affluent Clients
90 Day Coaching Program

The Secrets to Successfully
Marketing Your Design Business, 
Finding Your Ideal Clients, 
and Keeping Them for Life 

The ONLY Marketing Training Program created specifically for interior design business professionals.

Learn exactly how to market your design business with the proven strategies you can use today by joining the Finding Affluent Clients 90 Day Coaching Program. 

Finding Affluent Clients 90 Day Coaching Progam is the complete system of all the parts and pieces you need to create your interior design business marketing plan. 

As you may know, I usually don't do 3 month coaching programs - but this information is TOO IMPORTANT for you not to have, because your business and future depend on you finding the steady stream of clients and income you've been working so hard to create!

This hands-on interactive and transformational program for design professionals walks you step-by-step in creating your own personalized design business marketing plan that has everything you need to:

  • Discover the easiest way to get your work published 
  • Become known as the design expert in your community
  • Create a recognizable brand that draws in ideal clients
  • Gain a handful of referral partners to create a steady stream of high paying clients 
  • Clearly and confidently introduce your business to a stranger and have them say, " WOW - tell me more!"
  • Make networking fun & profitable
  • Find the influencers that'll refer your ideal clients
  • Create your elevator speech (hint: you're MORE than an interior designer... you change lives!)
  • Reconnect with old clients & be amazed at what happens
  • Identify your brand & niche market
  • Know exactly how much social media you need
  • Make HOUZZ work for YOU

And get past the fears of not doing it right, not being good enough, messing up, being a pushy 'sales person', and all the other fears holding you back  from confidently marketing your business & yourself! 

You’ll know exactly what to do to to attract more of your ideal high paying clients and fabulous creative jobs that pay you what you are worth by investing in this program!

Are you ready for a new conversation about marketing? 

You don’t have time to figure this all out - you just want to know what works and what doesn’t!

Here’s what you can expect to achieve in 90 days:


Designing Your Dream

  • Confidently create visibility for yourself in the world
  • Control the negative self talk & replace it with outward confidence
  • Stop the comparison game & increase your personal worth
  • Master the steps to keeping your confidence at an all time high
  • Find your design niche (it is easier than you think)
  • Discover your ideal client & your best design jobs
  • Know what your ideal client wants & how you will you solve their problem
  • Define your design brand & find your unique difference
  • Create your clear & unstoppable offer
  • Confidently explain what your company does in 30 seconds or less

You'll also have your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) & start driving all of your marketing  to your target client!


Telling The World

  • How your confidence impacts  your marketing & visibility
  • Why advertising & marketing ARE NOT the same thing
  • How much Social Media is enough for you
  • How to build & use an email list
  • How to use a newsletters to stay in touch with your clients
  • How to make it easy for website visitors to contact & hire you
  • How to gather emails with a free offer
  • How to use pricing on a website offer that brings in clients
  • How to ask for referrals with grace & ease
  • How to build a referral base for your practice
  • How to find the people that your ideal client trusts & get referrals
  • How to network - who are you looking for & where do you find them
  • How to politely connect with someone you want to get to know
  • How to use presentations to find clients
  • How to write articles that attract high paying clients

Plus, you'll learn the latest website strategies & tips for what is working for sucssesful designers today!


Creating Your Celebrity

The final day will be the most exciting as you discover how to:

  • Start feeling confident about publishing & entering awards
  • Create your expert status in your community
  • Get the “WOW” photo of your current project
  • Finish those unfinished projects so you have the photos you want
  • Style your shots (hint: you'll leave the tags on )
  • Get great photography ... even on a budget
  • Get published & make friends with the magazine staff
  • Tips & strategies for getting published & winning design awards
  • Benefit from Show Houses & Home Tours without going broke
  • Keep your clients coming back for forever
  • Create your “signature design experience” for your client
  • Stay memorable in your clients mind
  • Stay connected with your clients through the years

And you'll know how to develop a following of clients that love what you do, invite you back, & recommend you to their friends. 


  • "What I've learned more is to be courageous. And what I mean by that is to be courageous in my descions and actions"
    Michaeline Fernandez
  • "What I've learned is I CAN DO IT! And I can do it with the right right tools and the right people around me."
    Sheryl Chambers
  • "What I've learned is that the positive affirmation is POWERFUL and if I let go of the negative thoughts then I can reach my goals and CHANGE my destination."
    Dee Dee Bonds


Terri leads an award-winning interior design practice, specializing in residential interior design and remodeling, luxury hospitality environments, and commercial and medical interiors. Her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, ASID Icon, Sunset Magazine, LUXE, Design West, Tucson Home & Garden, and Tucson Lifestyle, among others. 
She brings more than 30 years of professional interior design experience and remodeling expertise to her firm, and she continues to earn top awards in regional and national design competitions.  
Terri received her NCIDQ certification in 1993, and is a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). She holds an Arizona Contractor’s License, and served as a juror for Sunset Magazine, and the ASID Interior Design Awards of Excellence.

  • Digital
    • Immediate access to       Finding Affluent Clients digial book & MP3s
    • Monthly Q&A Calls with Terri
    • Daily Accountability
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    • Download all the materials to make your own book at home
  • Book
    • Hard copy of the  Finding Affluent Clients   book & CDs
    • Monthly Q&A Calls with Terri
    • Daily Accountability
    • Private Facebook Group
    • Immediate access to digial book & MP3s

Happiness Guarantee

Finding Affluent Clients is one of the best step-by-step systems on the planet for confidently creating personal visibility, making clear offers to clients, marketing your design business, and creating social proof for your design expertise. 

I’m 100 % confident that this is most targeted, complete, fun and useful training and coaching for marketing your design business.  

As a participant, if you feel I didn’t deliver on the information promised after the first call, contact us to ask for a 100% refund and we'll happily oblige.